Our Clients Asked…We Delivered! Scrum Boot Camp Training

By · February 2, 2012 · Filed in Agile Scrum Training

Jan 31 – Feb 1, 2012 we executed our Agile Boot Camp training offering for the first time and are excited about the results!

Our client,  an online retailer, was the first to experience the course instructed by our own Rod Bray, Certified Scrum Master and software architect. The participants were a combination of software developers, quality teams and business analysts.  This was the perfect audience to test our gap theory.  The theory that our customers want a course that takes  Agile principles that a firm like Berteig offers, and applies them directly to software development, taught by someone who can answer real-life software project questions, someone who’s been there, someone who has scars to learn from and success stories to inspire.

The results of our experience with the Agile Boot Camp this week indicate we were bang on.

The participants completed our course survey that we use to measure satisfaction and capture comments to improve our training offerings going forward.

The feedback form uses the Net Promoter Score (NPS) customer satisfaction measure that defines “success” as having more promoters (people who would recommend the training to a peer), than detractors (people who would tell a peer not to take the training).

Participants respond on a 10 point rating scale and are categorized as follows:
Promoters – Select score of 9 or 10
Neutrals – Select score of 7 or 8
Detractors – Select score of 6 or below

Our NPS was 65%  which is a very positive result when benchmarked against average NPS results that hover between 5-10%.  Very positive results are considered to be over 50%. In our course there were 0 detractors, meaning not one participant selected a score below 7 on the rating scales.  This is a further demonstration of very strong satisfaction with the course.

Some participant comments shared on the survey were:

“Content was very relevant…”

“I’ve worked in the past with “agile” teams, but now after more formal training…know what was missing and why it was not successfully applied.”

“…the instructor has the knowledge and having the team from the same company made learning easier.”

“…interaction with the instructor helped a lot.”

“Generally I don’t enjoy group work during training…However the exercises in this course were quite useful AND enjoyable.”

Of course, we also received constructive comments that we are absolutely going to take away and incoporate into the subsequent iterations of this course.

Our overall experience this week was very positive and we can’t wait to deploy the next iteration of the course that will be even better!

A big thank you to the online retailer team for their participation, enthusiasm and feedback!