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Since our last post, Our Clients Asked and We Delivered! Scrum Boot Camp Training. We have facilitated the Agile Scrum Boot Camp Toronto a number of times for a variety of customers. We wanted to share an update on the course success.

Net – Promoter Score (NPS)

The post mentioned above describes how we use a feedback form based on the Net Promoter Score (NPS) customer satisfaction measure.  NPS defines “success” as having more promoters (people who would recommend the training to a peer), than detractors (people who would tell a peer not to take the training).

Participants respond on a 10 point rating scale and are categorized as follows: Promoters – Select score of 9 or 10 Neutrals – Select score of 7 or 8 Detractors – Select score of 6 or below.

Agile Scrum Training Course Satisfaction Results

Since inception, the course satisfaction was very positive, resulting in a NPS of %65. Since then, we have continuously seen the satisfaction rates improve with results coming in as high %75! And none of the respondents have been Detractors!  This is virtually unheard of.  I mentioned in the previous post that average NPS results are between 5-10%. Very positive results are considered to be over 50%!

We attribute the Agile Scrum Boot Camp Toronto course success to the fact that we eat our own dog food…meaning, our course development approach is grounded in the beliefs inherent in agile methodology – get started, try it out, collect feedback, reflect, incorporate feedback and try it again.

Agile Scrum Boot Camp Toronto Participant Testimonials

Here’s some of the feedback received from participants in our Agile Scrum Boot Camp:

  • “This was essential for me to learn the mechanics of agile / incremental development…”
  • “Great demos and overview of the material. Labs very useful.”
  • “I like the fact that we used real project examples in the lab exercise.”
  • “…very good instructor”
  • “Good balance of presentation and labs.”
  • “All the lecture material and lab exercises were very relevant to the subject.”
  • “Educational, informative, good labs, fun.”
  • “Everything worked well together with the training and the labs. The examples were good that they were specific versus generic. Well done!”
  • “…Very, very good labs.”

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Thank you to all of the participants for your participation, enthusiasm and feedback.

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[…] Our customers cannot say enough about the depth of content and the expertise of our instructors.  WFS responds to a constant feedback loop regarding our boot camp sessions (just like an Agile software delivery team!) and implements improvements as suggested by our students. Our NPS scores continue to rise with each course. You can see the metrics HERE. […]