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What is Agile Software Development?

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What is agile software development? It’s a project management framework that emphasizes… High performing teams, not high performing individuals Getting started when “just enough” detail is available Responding quickly to change Customer engagement & feedback Frequent delivery the highest business value software It’s not fundamentally different from what you know about software development. The phases […]

Agile Software Development Teams – It’s Never Been This Good!!!

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I’ve been involved with software development for over 30 years. That’s a lot of projects, roles, deadlines, meetings and team members. In all that time there have been some recurring themes. One of them is the “death march”.

Agile Scrum Boot Camp Toronto Really Works!

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What surprised me about the Agile Scrum training was… I have been with WFS for a couple of months, and was quickly amazed at the customer feedback we consistently receive about our 2 day Agile Scrum Boot Camp training.  Our customers cannot say enough about the depth of content and the expertise of our instructors.  […]

A Real Misconception About Agile Software Development

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What is the current misconception about agile software development? There appears to be a real misperception about agile or iterative software development – many executives and business leaders perceive agile to be ‘ad hoc’ and therefore not an approach for larger, more-complex systems. What is agile software development?…and what it’s not One key point I would like to make is […]

Agile Scrum Boot Camp April 25 & 26 Toronto – We’re Going Public!

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When will the Agile Scrum Training Toronto be public? April 25 & 26, 2012 we have a public offering of our Agile Scrum Boot Camp.  The course provides participants with everything they need to be part of an agile scrum software development team.  When teams attend together, they leave better equipped to become a high performing agile team.   Join us […]