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What surprised me about the Agile Scrum training was…

I have been with WFS for a couple of months, and was quickly amazed at the customer feedback we consistently receive about our 2 day Agile Scrum Boot Camp training. 

Our customers cannot say enough about the depth of content and the expertise of our instructors.  WFS responds to a constant feedback loop regarding our boot camp sessions (just like an Agile software delivery team!) and implements improvements as suggested by our students. Our NPS scores continue to rise with each course. You can see the metrics HERE.

Agile Scrum Training and SDLC Process improvement successes

Counting ScotiaBank, Indigo Books and 3M among our satisfied Agile customers, WFS helps software development teams implement an agile iterative delivery methodology in direct response to their prioritized business values.  We improve on metrics like time to value, cost, quality, predictability and time to market with our agile scrum training and Agile Scrum Boot Camp. Customers love to see reporting and quantitative data around the process improvement activities we conduct, especially at the C level, together we produce the metrics to show them! 

The Agile Scrum Training Toronto taught me…

After the 2 day Agile Scrum Boot Camp training with WFS, I had a clear idea of how to run a daily Scrum meeting including creating a product backlog and dealing with organizational blockers. And I am no software developer! The concepts of Agile software development are simple and powerful, and WFS has a proven training platform around these ideals.

Are you interested in presenting a 30% improvement to your SDLC at your next budget meeting? WFS’s Agile Scrum Boot Camp in Toronto is the place to start.

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