Agile Scrum Boot Camp April 25 & 26 Toronto – We’re Going Public!

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When will the Agile Scrum Training Toronto be public?

April 25 & 26, 2012 we have a public offering of our Agile Scrum Boot Camp.  The course provides participants with everything they need to be part of an agile scrum software development team.  When teams attend together, they leave better equipped to become a high performing agile team.


Join us at the April 25 & 26 session!

Agile Scrum Training  Toronto Session Features

The session offers a great opportunity for the participants to work with other software development focused peers in a controlled environment and with a proven agile software development expert.

Participants are organized as agile teams and able to practice the various concepts taught in the course.  For example, they use a realistic software development case study to build a product backlog with user stories, create a release plan and plan and execute a sprint.

Yes! We really are able to simulate a sprint experience in the classroom, including the introduction of unexpected events and challenging situations that occur during  real life sprints that the agile scrum team deals with and learns from.

The introductory, more conceptual topics in the course that are typically instructor – centric are also delivered in a creative and engaging way. The introduction of an activity that promotes team building early in the session, but more importantly, reinforces the agile concepts and helps the teams shift their mindset from traditional to agile approaches has gained much praise from the participants.

The Agile Scrum Course Instructor

Our Principal Instructor, Rod Bray, is a Certified Scrum Master and has worked in system integration using enterprise technologies for over 20 years.  Rod also has a ton of experience coaching agile software development teams.  In the classroom this experience is invaluable as he is able to truly relate to the participant questions, always using examples of his own experience that resonate with the teams.

Participants tend to become evangelists for Web Financial Solutions and the  Agile Scrum Boot Camp after their experience.

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