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Software Development Testing. What is the problem?

No one would argue that testing is important. But among the people that I speak with regularly the prevailing opinion is that it is never done enough. What is the problem?

RIM and Market Value of an Iterative Software Development Life-Cycle (SDLC)

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Is there a correlation between a companies worth and their SDLC process? I recently read The Open Letter to RIM’s Management that discussed what  RIM should do to get back on its feet. The letter had 8 key points, but my interest was point #2.  “Recruit Senior SW Leaders & enable decision-making”. Within that point […]

Requirement Tools are not the Silver Bullet!

I recently had a conversation with a seasoned CEO. We were talking about the process of building new software for a business application

Test-driven development (TDD) ‘Tipping Point’

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In his seminal work “The Tipping Point”, Malcom Gladwell describes ideas that take hold as epidemics – viral if you will. Gladwell identifies key factors that play a role in determining whether a particular trend will “tip” into wide-scale popularity.

Agile Training and Coaching Toronto – No Cold Storage Issue Here!

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The Challenge of Getting Transfer of Skills on the Job One of the biggest challenges corporate learning practitioners face is the ability to ensure learning transfer occurs, that there is real life implementation of the new skill, and that it’s done consistently  and over the long term.  Our agile training  strategies can include detailed follow-on […]

Think of WFS as your Software Development Life-Cycle (SDLC) ‘Swing Coach’

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I was talking to a friend over the weekend that I used to play golf with years ago. I had not seen him in a long-time and we were catching up, he asked me what was new in our business. My friends that are not in technology don’t understand what our firm does so I tend to use analogies to simply.

Agile SDLC Boot Camp Training Toronto – Success Measured with More Than Just a Smile Sheet!

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Typical Training Evaluation – The Smile Sheet We’ve all finished a training session and the instructor distributes a survey that asks whether the instructor was credible and entertaining? Was the room too warm or too cold? Was the coffee hot? The intention of these “smile sheets” is to measure learner reaction to the training and […]