Agile SDLC Boot Camp Training Toronto – Success Measured with More Than Just a Smile Sheet!

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Typical Training Evaluation – The Smile Sheet

We’ve all finished a training session and the instructor distributes a survey that asks whether the instructor was credible and entertaining? Was the room too warm or too cold? Was the coffee hot?

Our training is evaluated using more than just a typical "smile sheet".

The intention of these “smile sheets” is to measure learner reaction to the training and the learning experience.

But what relevance and impact do they actually have on the training itself? They might point out environmental or system issues that need to be addressed, or  identify a need for the instructor to make more eye contact with the participants.  But how do they really help improve the training, and measure that improvement (or not) over time?

Our Agile Training Toronto is Evaluated Using More Than a “Smile Sheet”

We use a feedback form that implements the Net Promoter Score (NPS) customer satisfaction measure.  It defines “success” as having more promoters (people who would recommend the training to a peer), than detractors (people who would tell a peer not to take the training).

Participants respond on a 10 point rating scale and are categorized as follows:

  • Promoters – Select score of 9 or 10
  • Neutrals – Select score of 7 or 8
  • Detractors – Select score of 6 or below

This approach provides actionable and measurable feedback! Learner responses are almost always thoughtful and actionable. They pinpoint inaccuracies, points of possible confusion, and highlight ways to better present the material. As a result, we have a crystal clear understanding of revision priorities.

Our Last Agile Scrum Boot Camp Training Toronto Resulted in a Net- Promoter Score (NPS) of… %83!

In the last Agile Scrum Training course offering, April 25 & 26 in Toronto, we achieved the highest NPS result yet, %83!  And frankly, previous results were already considered high, since those are any NPS score of %50 or more!

We continue to trend upward, going from %65 to %75 to the most recent NPS of  %83!

Some Participant Comments from Our Last Agile Training Toronto Session
  • “Very good training! Great instructor! Great pace! This was a great experience.!
  • “Great course, would recommend to anyone new to agile scrum.”
  • “Lots of hands-on practice, feedback and ability to ask  for clarification.”

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