Think of WFS as your Software Development Life-Cycle (SDLC) ‘Swing Coach’

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WFS is a Like a Golf ‘Swing Coach’  for Software Development

I was talking to a friend over the weekend that I used to play golf with years ago.  I had not seen him in a long-time and we were catching up, he asked me what was new in our business.  My friends that are not in technology don’t understand what our firm does so I tend to use analogies to simply.

If the Swing  Is Good the Game Will Also be Good

Since we used to play golf together I thought it would be best to use a golfing analogy.  I told him about a story I heard years ago about  Jack Nicklaus and his relationship with his Swing Coach.  When Jack’s game suffered and needed improving he would reach out to his ‘Swing Coach’ for help.  The Swing Coach would not focus on new clubs (or in our case new tech tools) he would analyze Jack’s swing and focus on the getting the best swing as possible.  After the swing was corrected Jack could then choose the right club for each shot.  The  idea was if the swing was good then the game would also be good.  If the swing was bad or inconsistent then the game would be the same.

Implementing Agile Software Development is Like Learning a New Golf Swing

I went on to to tell my golfing buddy that WFS is basically a ‘Swing Coach’  for companies that develop their own software.  Iterative or agile software development can be done well or poorly – and what separates the good from the bad is embedding people with good processes that is used consistently along with tools that support that process.  Kind of like having a perfect swing while holding the right golf club for the shot.  We provide services to make the process natural.  It’s hard to learn a new process.  Kind of like learning a new golf swing.  it feels awkward at first but natural after practice.

I remember a few years ago I took a golf lesson and was told to not swing so hard by the instructor.  It seemed counter intuitive to swing softer to make the ball go further.  But I did what the instructor said and sure enough the ball went straighter and further.  Both of those features reduced my score.  During the same lesson my instructor noticed that my irons were bent and the heads were not aligned so he also suggested I get new irons.  But had I not purchased new clubs my game would still have improved significantly.

How Does WFS Help Improve Your Swing?

WFS provides a service offering called the SDLC Assessment and Improvement Roadmap to analyze a company’s Software Development Life-Cycle (SDLC) and then connects the software delivery process to the prioritized business dimensions with agile training and coaching.

Our process lets business executives fix their ‘swing’ which improves the game and lowers the score (cost).

Check here for a definition of a Software Development Life-Cycle.

Also, I found this article in the London Free Press about a local Swing Coach and have added it for your enjoyment:

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