Agile Training and Coaching Toronto – No Cold Storage Issue Here!

By · May 18, 2012 · Filed in Agile Scrum Coaching
The Challenge of Getting Transfer of Skills on the Job

One of the biggest challenges corporate learning practitioners face is the ability to ensure learning transfer occurs, that there is real life implementation of the new skill, and that it’s done consistently  and over the long term.  Our agile training  strategies can include detailed follow-on strategies to evaluate learning transfer,  i.e Kirkpatricks level 3.  But the  reality is that the dependencies external to the training organization make it  very difficult to do this consistently.

Also, the learners themselves experience various challenges  that inhibit their ability to use the new skills on the job immediately.  They leave the formal training environment and:

  • Day to day pressures of their responsibilities take over
  • Their work environment isn’t ready
  • Their leadership team isn’t prepared to support  the new skill
  • They  lack confidence and understanding about how to use the skill when they face a
    particular situation
  • They are naturally resistant to change

This situation results in what we in the corporate training  world describe as “cold storage” issues.  The participants forget what they learned.

We are Creatures of Habit and Old Habits Die Hard

We’ve all been there; we complete a training course that energized us; one that taught us skills we knew would have a significant positive impact on our work and are excited to try.  We  thought we had all of our questions answered during the training to be able to  use it in our world.  But then, we arrive back into the day to day operations of our roles and we get caught up in the same old same old… “just until we have more time.”

Before we know it, 2 weeks have past and when we attempt to utilize the skills we learned we have totally forgotten where to start. Or possibly the scenario looks like this; we get back on the job and  attempt to incorporate the new skills but a scenario arises that we are not  sure how to handle. We get frustrated. We ask our leader but they don’t have the answer, they just learned these new skills too, or possibly they didn’t attend the training at all.  These  barriers result in our falling back into the old way of doing things, or implementing the new skills incorrectly and therefore not achieving the business results required.

The Fix is Agile Training and Coaching Toronto

As a corporate learning consultant for more than 10 years, and having experienced these scenarios over and over again, I am very excited about the post training agile coaching offering we have at Web Financial Solutions.  It is a “perfect world” scenario for our Agile SDLC Training course success.  A virtual guarantee of transfer of knowledge and skills to the job once out of training!

Our instructors, who are also software development life-cycle (SDLC) subject matter experts and coaches, will follow the learning cohort back into the “real world”, supporting them through the implementation phase and through the problems and challenges they face in real time.

This results not only in true learning transfer, but the promised %40 SDLC business improvement.

Web Financial Solutions provides expert Software Development Life Cycle process improvement.

The services we offer include:

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