Agile Scrum Training Toronto With Musical Chairs

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Our New Agile Coach & Instructor

July 10-11 we had another successful public offering of our Agile SDLC Boot Camp training Toronto!

The session was facilitated by a new addition to the WFS team, Doug Stewart.  Doug is an agile coach and training facilitator.  With early experience in applying Spiral Method and Rapid Prototyping techniques, he has been a contributor to the development of the Rational Unified Process throughout it’s nearly 20 years of evolution.  More recently, he has been focusing on deploying all the best advantages of agile and unified concepts to help projects achieve business agility while continuing to deliver their short term obligations.  Doug is an experienced instructor of both classroom and virtual learning sessions.

Dougs experience was evident in the classroom.  Our audience size increased to 15 people, when we typically run the course with 10 and Doug was able to maintain the level of engagement and support needed for each participant to have a positive and effective learning experience.

The Agile SDLC Boot Camp Plan

Before the participants arrived, the room was arranged into 3 teams of 5, with materials at each individual seat.  We hoped this would encourage the participants to arrange the

mselves into the 3 teams of 5.  We were surprised when folks started entering the room and moving the materials and chairs around to different tables, even after we gently suggested they sit as the room was organized. Ultimately this resulted in 3 different sized teams, one of 4, one of 5 and another of 6.

Responding to Change Over Following a Plan

In true agile scrum spirit, rather than “following the plan”, Doug had a great idea to use the opportunity  to make connections to the content and learning objectives going forward throughout the course – e.g. the benefit of smaller teams, more resources doesn’t necessarily mean increased productivity or velocity and the concept and benefit of self-organized teams.  Throughout the day there were a variety of opportunities to make these connections and the idea was a great success.  As the connections were being made, you could see the “light bulbs” going off for the participants.

This adaptability was a true demonstration of the knowledge and experience of our instructors, who are also agile coaches.

With this experience in hand, we have another strategy in our tool-kit for successful agile  training and coaching.

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