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In this post I am going to share some of the participant feedback we received from the most recent delivery of our Agile SDLC Boot Camp Training Toronto.  We have delivered this course to more than 200 participants in the last 9 months so that speaks for itself, but what says even more are the comments from the learners.

When asked the question,  was the Agile training relevant to you? Select a rating with 1 being “not relevant at all” and 10 being “very relevant.” Describe why you selected this rating. Participants responded:

  • 10 – The content provided a complete overview and practice of all areas
  • 10- I found all the information given, answered all of the questions that I had with regards to improving our software development lifecycle
  • 10 – Looking to learn as much on this so that I can be better at discussing with clients
  • 9
  • 10
  • 8 – A lot of the training was partially related or could be applied to what I do
  • 10

When asked the questions, what was your learning experience like in the Agile training course? Select a rating with 1 being “not good at all” and 10 being “very good”.  Describe why you selected this rating. Participants responded:

  • 10 – The info was extremely well broken down and the instructors were quite knowledgeable
  • 10 – This was a very progressive and flexible way of learning and demonstrating the value of Agile
  • 7 – In comparison to the other (much longer) Agile training this one was very good given it lasted only 2 days
  • 9 – Good mix of lessons and practical exercises
  • 9 – Learned a lot. Great examples and suggestions
  • 9 – Some aspects I had learned in school, but the activities that were completed helped learn what was being taught
  • 10 – There was a good dynamic and the exercises were very illustrative of the concepts

One person concluded in the  “other comments or feedback” field:

“Rod (and Mark) obviously have a lot experience in software so they are very engaging and informative.  It was a very good course.”

Whats the Trend Here?

The trend is the comments related to the effective mix of theory and practical activities and the surprise at how effectively the activities allow the participants to experience the concepts and skills being taught.  The other is the mention of the experience of the facilitators.  Our instructors have a ton of experience in software development in all contexts as well as the use of Agile principles and practices.  They are also skilled training facilitators.  Their wealth of experience allows them to always have examples to share that are relevant and resonate with the audience.

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