CIO tool for Agile Project Management

Agile Scrum successes in 2012 – what is next?

Over the past 12 months it has been great to watch our clients transform themselves from waterfall or in some cases ad-hoc software project management to adopting a software development delivery process based on Agile and Scrum.  The team results have been significant, Indigo with their video testimonial suggested 30 % increase in speed.  That seemed to be the benchmark across our clients in 2012.  Now that software can be built faster and deliver on expectations of the business question turns to investment management.

Tools for Tracking Agile Program Management and ROI

Can Agile development be tied directly to ROI and be used for Program Management?  The basis of this economic approach to software project management is a good Tool.  In late 2012 WFS became a business Partner of Rally Software. One of the reasons was the Rally Portfolio Manager which provides data needed to helps the CIO and CEO make software development project decisions more like a business decision and less like an IT decision.

We are all painfully aware of the Standish Group’s Chaos Report 2003 that suggests 45% of software is never used and 19% is rarely used.  What if that waste could be reallocated to areas of positive return? If we could make that decision at the time we cross the line from positive return to negative, then we have really started to change the value of the business and the value of IT.

Rally Portfolio Manager provides help in the following areas:

  • Value-driven Prioritization
  • Development Aligned with Portfolio Investment Plans
  • Business View of Agile Development Status
  • Realistic Roadmaps
  • Fact-based Governance

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