How do you determine if an Agile Project is successful – Lean Coffee March 8 2013


I was unable to make the Virtual Lean Coffee community meeting to discuss Agile project management issues this week, but I did have a chance to connect with the WFS, SDLC Consultant who hosted the meeting.

These two topics were prioritized for discussion:

  1. How to determine if an Agile software project is successful
  2. Should the Product Owner be allowed to talk during the daily Scrum Meetings?
Determining if an Agile Project Management is Successful

The discussion on how to determine if an Agile software project is successful or not, came down to trying to get the business actively engaged in the project.

Seems like the business does not really understand their role, perhaps we as IT have trained them to not want to be involved because of our ‘tech’ talk.  An effective Product Owner is not technical, and uses their role to direct the technical team based on changing business needs. Sounds like it was a great discussion.  I wish I could have made the call for that one!

Should the Product Owner Talk in Daily Scrum Meetings?

The second discussion was about letting the Product Owner participate in the daily Scrum meetings.  I am pretty sure the role of Product Owner is well defined and they are not allowed to talk.  They are welcome to come and listen but not talk – remember the pigs and chickens?  However, the thinking was to keep the team actively engaged in the business and give them the same visibility to the business that the business has to IT.

Wow – how cool is that?  Talk about a shift in thinking.  The end result was the Scrum Master who brought up this question is going to try and let the Product Owner talk for one Sprint and see how it goes.  At our next Agile Lean Coffee Community meeting we hope to get an update on the result.

Everyone is welcome to participate in Virtual Lean Coffee, it’s always a good discussion about how to improve the success of our s0ftware projects! Join our community and register for future events.

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