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Agile Training and PMI-ACP

Often, attendees to our agile project management training Toronto are traditional project managers with a PMI, PMP (Project Management Professional) designation, looking to learn more about agile project management and the possibility of working towards PMI-ACP (Agile Certified Practitioner).

Agile to Address Uncertainty and Change

Gartner says:

“The level of uncertainty and change is at an all-time high. The force of this change and uncertainty on PPM leaders necessitates constant adjustment and realignment of organizational roles, capabilities and mind-sets to succeed within the continuously evolving ‘new normal,”…”Constant innovation and change are required if organizations are to deliver the value required by stakeholders and sponsors.”…”IT organizations will be under enhanced scrutiny to show the ability to execute the business strategy and the effect of IT investment decisions across all technology silos and the business. Consequently IT-intensive businesses will lead an emerging trend toward integrated, near-real-time, IT portfolio analysis …”…”By 2016, demand for agile project leaders — blending project and change management skills with domain expertise — will increase by 75 percent.”

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Shift to Agile Project Management

The most recent agile adoption stats I could find from Gartner indicated that as of Aug. 2012 60-80% of IT teams were using agile software development. With this in mind, it is clear why so many traditional project managers are using our agile project management training Toronto to evolve their knowledge and skills in this direction. Upon completion of our agile training, participants can collect 14 PMI PDUs (Professional Development Units) towards their PMI-ACP certification.

It’s for these same reasons I expect our agile training offerings are in frequent demand by organizations  for their teams.  Together with our public offerings of agile training, we also deliver multiple private agile training courses each month to prepare teams with the knowledge and skills they require to implement agile project management in their organizations.

Agile Training is Just the Beginning

Agile training is a fantastic start for successful agile project management adoption.  Enabling teams with a standard baseline of knowledge and skills is important and effective.  But to really be ready to succeed within the continuously evolving “new normal” that Gartner describes, we have to be able to ensure commitment to implementation of agile principles and practices immediately, consistently and over the long term.

Find out more about how we can help you ensure successful projects with agile project management here.

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