Agile Scrum Training – 2014

Agile Scrum Team Training 2014

2013 was a very successful year for our 2 day Agile Scrum Team Training Toronto & Ottawa.  We have now trained over 700 individuals and 60 organizations.

Scrum Team Training Retrospective Methods

In late 2013 we piloted some revisions to the Agile Scrum Team Boot Camp, the course already integrates demonstrations and retrospectives as part of each hands on activity, but we wanted to try integrating a variety of retrospective approaches in order to demonstrate the many ways these can be facilitated.

So for the last public offering of 2013, in December, we had the participants try a variety of different retrospectives with each hands on activity.

The retrospective approaches we tried out were:

  • Timeline of events –  Looking back over the 2 weeks of the sprint and using events that occurred to target what went well, what didn’t and what will be focused on for improvement next Sprint.
  • Brainstorming anonymously – Team members put their ideas of what went well, what didn’t and what could be improved on sticky notes that are posted and organized into themes.  Possibly the theme with the largest volume is focused on for next sprint?
  • Concrete data  – Use artifacts collected over the Sprint to identify what went well, what didn’t and determine what should be the focus for improvement next Sprint.

So what the participants to the Scrum Training experienced was that over the course of the 2 days they built on their knowledge and skills related to facilitating retrospectives.  Starting with the simplest form and becoming more detailed as they started to collect meaningful information and data with the experience of the Sprint.

Going forward, this will be our approach for the Agile Scrum Team Training  so you can look forward to it if you plan on registering in 2014.

More Public Scrum Training Available

We have collected your feedback from our many course surveys and heard what you told us about what other Scrum Training is of interest to you.  Look for public offerings of our User Story course and Scrum Planning & Estimating in 2014.

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Scrum Training Online

Available soon! The introductory Agile Scrum training online is delivered on-demand, using a series of real client examples to teach and demonstrate the practical application and success of the concepts.  The real client stories are shared by our Agile Scrum instructors who have experienced the situations first hand.   There are also a variety of additional  materials provided to help you learn. Case studies, excerpts from recommended Agile Scrum reading, blogs, animated presentations, visual diagrams developed by our Scrum trainers and regular interactive quizzes to confirm your understanding are also included.

Register for any In-Class Scrum Training and Also Get a Free Preliminary Assessment

Starting January 2014 for anyone who attends our Agile Scrum Training we will also offer a preliminary improvement assessment completed with one of the WFS Consulting Partners.  They will meet with you to discuss your unique situation. This is our opportunity to ensure that we understand enough about your goals, your issues and your organization in order to effectively proceed to the next step of an End to End Software Throughput Assessment. It is your opportunity to begin to maximize your investment.

So, as you can see, we have a lot in store for you in 2014.  Thanks for your interest and please contact us with comment or questions.

Lynda Todd,
Manager Learning Services