Agile Coaching Toronto

To complement the Web Financial Solutions Agile training curriculum, we offer a full Agile Coaching service.  Our Agile Coaches bring real-world experience to your Agile implementation.  They provide practical, pragmatic guidance when it comes to “what works”.

Web Financial Solutions has two Agile Coaching services;

  1.  A pre-packaged Coaching Solution including the Four Agile Sprint Transition Program or the FAST Program. The FAST Program includes everything your team would require to move to be effective with Agile and produce a min of 40% improvement.  Our pricing is designed to share the risk of your teams improvement.
  2. Agile Project Review Service. One of our Agile Coaches will spend on complete Sprint with the development team to complete an Assessment, give feedback during the Sprint and prepare and deliver a report that provides a Roadmap for improvement.