FAST (Four Agile Sprint Transition) Program

Four Sprint Coaching program to lower project costs by at least 40%

If the goal is to get the benefits of Agile quickly then working with an Agile Scrum Coach for four sprints will get results faster than any other method.

This offering is perfect for teams new to iterative development or existing teams looking to implement new best practices into an existing software development process.

A WFS Agile Scrum Coach who has been though the process before and knows the benefits, risks and pitfalls to avoid will guide your team to a successful adoption of Agile. One risk of Agile is it can deteriorate into ‘ad-hoc’ development, which we all know is a recipe for failure. Having an Agile Scrum coach for four Sprints eliminates this risk and ensures the team’s success and a positive ROI.

The Coach will:

  • Keep the team on track for all four Sprints.
  • Identify Key Roles including Scrum Master and Product Owner.
  • Facilitate the construction of the Team (emphasizing the need for a whole, cross functional, self-directing group of committed individuals)
  • Assess training needs of the delivery team.
  • Facilitate learning with WFS Scrum Education course curriculum.
  • Course material could include Scrum Master, Product Owner, Scrum Overview and User Stories.
  • Verify lessons learned in training are put into practice.
  • Produce metrics for accountability to senior business management.
  • Create and manage Backlog with Product Owner.
  • Establish an initial Release Plan.
  • Establish Sprint Goals and Sprint duration. (Price is based on 3 week Sprints)
  • Conduct Sprint Planning Meetings (estimating Team Velocity, refining/detailing User Stories, creating Tasks, defining Done, facilitating Planning Poker and estimating)
  • Setup and manage the Scrum Board
  • Coach the Scrum Master on daily Scrum Meetings and provide guidance for the resulting work.
  • Report on project velocity.
  • Plan and facilitate Sprint Demos.
  • Plan and facilitate Sprint Retrospective meeting at end of each Sprint.
  • Create a transition plan to internal staff.
  • Identify metrics for management and Product Owner.


The price the FAST Program is $110,000 and guarantees a 40% Team Velocity improvement. The Team Velocity is measured at the end of each of the four Sprints.  We are so confident that we will guarantee this improvement.  If your team does not achieve a 40% faster velocity we will refund $30,000 of the total FAST Program cost.

For more information, please contact John Munro at 416 505-4756 or to discuss further.