Agile Games

Last week we started a new game with our Twitter Account.  While its not really an ‘Agile’ game its still fun.   The basic idea is to guess the location where our Partner John Munro has been in the past week.

You see, John is in his car driving around Southwestern Ontario pontificating SDLC Software development improvement.  So we asked him to take a picture each week of somewhere he has been.  The twitter followers who can guess the closest city where the picture was taken will get a prize.  I am sure John would like to give a car or perhaps a boat, but we will start with something more modest.

In a good Agile fashion we will iterate to make this game better with incremental improvement based on past success and lessons learned.

For this iteration all the contest players need to do is guess the closest city.  Hey we had to convince John to make it easy to start with – he suggested we ask for GPS position. The rest of us helped him move way from a high degree of accuracy and changed the acceptance criteria to something a little more reasonable.  Does that sound Agile or what?  Sounds like how we might break up a large feature so it can fit in a Sprint – but I digress.

To Play just add your comment in the box provided , it will post automatically.  The game starts each Friday at 8am and finishes at lunch.  If no one guesses it we move on to the next picture.  Oh wait – are we ‘Time Boxing’ – you bet we are, so play early.  When time is up the ‘Game Sprint’ is over.  Ya – we get it – no one every heard of a 4 hour Sprint, but it only one task so we felt it was OK.

Here is this weeks Picture – Good Luck. Just guess the city within 30 miles.











Last week’s picture (below) was East of Toronto in Clarington – Ontario Power Generation building under construction










Answer – Darlington – Ontario Power Generation – just off 401.