Agile Project Management Toronto- Ensuring Success for your Software Project

WFS Agile Project Management Toronto exists because projects don’t just happen upon success.  There is always a requirement for oversight.  This will seem obvious to those coming from a traditional software project management methodology where project management is concentrated in one or a few individuals.  In Agile however, traditional project management responsibilities are distributed over a larger group.  In fact, traditional project managers are often found wondering how they fit in an Agile world.

WFS understands that Agile projects still have a requirement for strong management. WFS provides this essential agile project management service for new or established Agile shops.  WFS Agile Project Managers will take your software project from Inception to Deployment, continually ensuring that the highest business value is always being delivered incrementally and continually.

Additionally WFS can mentor your Project Management Office (PMO) and your full-time project managers in the principles and mechanics of Agile project management.

It Begins With Agile Project Management Toronto Training

WFS understands that project success depends upon the equipping of the Team members.

WFS begins by equipping your team with the knowledge needed to become members of a high-performing Agile team. This is done through a series of Agile Scrum Boot Camps – until the teams have been completely trained.

Two Pivotal Roles in Agile Project Management Toronto

There are two essential roles in any Agile project – the Scrum Master and the Product Owner.  Experienced WFS Scrum Masters will ensure that the process is fit to the needs of the project and the organization.  Drawing upon extensive experience WFS Scrum Masters will keep the project on track and guide the team into continuous improvement.

WFS will also assist with the selection and provide training for the Product Owner.  This role frequently does not receive the attention required.  As the primary liaison between the team and the stakeholders, the Product Owner represents the interests of the business and is responsible for the set of features to be implemented.  WFS will mentor the Product Owner to ensure an optimal performance in the role that can make or break the project.

Getting Started with Agile Project Management

Most project teams struggle with the initiation of an Agile project.  WFS Agile Coaches and Scrum Masters will facilitate the activities of “Sprint Zero” ensuring that appropriate preparations are made including the creation of the Project Charter, Project Road Map, Product Backlog and Release Plan.  WFS will ensure that the project gets underway when there is “just enough” to get started but will also protect the team from launching too early.

Delivering Value

WFS Scrum Masters and Coaches will ensure that the project team is constantly delivering value.  They will guide the Product Owner and team in Backlog grooming and “Pre-Sprint” activities to ensure the teams are supplied with a stream of properly sized work packages representing the most valuable features.  The idea is to have the team delivering the most important pieces of the project continually.

Scaling Up Agile Project Management

Many projects demand scaling beyond a single team.  Agile and Scrum have mechanisms to ensure that the overall project team can scale to handle projects of any size.  WFS Scrum Masters and Coaches will facilitate a “Scrum of Scrums” and drawing upon their experience provide guidance to ensure smooth inter-operation and collaboration between teams

Measuring Progress in Agile Project Management

WFS believes passionately in the power of Information Radiators.  This is an area where many Agile projects go wrong.  WFS Scrum Masters and Coaches will ensure the appropriate metrics and reports are produced to measure “the right things”.  This information is then used for re-planning and adjusting priorities to ensure that the project is always producing the greatest value possible and that any metrics always truly reflect reality.

Continuous Agile Project Improvement

Above all other things, Agile is a learning framework.  Applied properly the Agile principles will ensure that project teams are constantly improving – the product being built and the process being used to build it.  WFS Scrum Masters and Coaches will facilitate regular Retrospectives – perhaps the most important of the Scrum practices – and ensure that a culture of continuous improvement is fostered.

Closing the Project

Agile projects differ from traditional projects in many ways but chief among them is the ability to end projects when it is determined that sufficient capability has been delivered.  WFS will facilitate the analysis to determine if any additional benefit requires more investment than expected return and whether the project should be closed.

Also, WFS Scrum Masters and Coaches will guide and assist the project team during the transition to deployment.  This can also include any equipping of the production support team.


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