Agile Team Retainer Support

The WFS Agile Scrum Team Retainer is designed to maximize your investment in implementing Agile Scrum at your organization.

The Agile Team Retainer provides Agile coaching at critical phases during the software delivery life cycle (SDLC) – namely the Demonstration and Retrospective and the future Sprint planning phase.

Day One
  • Facilitate the Demonstration (or Show Case in Scrum parlance).  The coach will support the discussion around the feature demonstration and engage both sides of the table to ensure consensus of the functionality presented.
  • Facilitate the Sprint Retrospective meeting.  At this regularly scheduled interval, the team reflects on how to become more effective, then tunes and adjusts its behavior accordingly.  Establishing a culture of Continuous Improvement can be one of the most elusive goals but the result makes the effort worthwhile.
Day Two
  • Review the previous Sprint with the Scrum Master and Product Owner – either alone or together – to uncover process hurdles and suggest mitigation’s.  Many business cultures do well to approach Agile transformation in a phased manner.  The coach will assist in identifying additional practices to implement or refine.
  • Facilitate the Sprint planning meeting for the upcoming Sprint.  Coaching support is imperative at this juncture to facilitate accurate planning and forecasting in the early Sprints and continuous improvement through the later Sprints.  Teams routinely struggle with estimation and planning.  This is normal but coaching is necessary to ensure that common dysfunctions do not creep in.

Looking for a way to keep your Agile Scrum teams on the path to success?  The Agile Team Retainer will ensure  your team avoids common dysfunctions or regressing into old behavior.  Since Agile is really about learning and continually improving this is a low cost way to ensure the team (and ideally the entire business) embraces the practices, principles and values of Agile.

The WFS Agile Team Retainer  will take your team from “doing Agile” to truly “being Agile”.


This is a two day per Sprint offering and is priced starting at $3,500.


John Munro at 416 505-4756 or to discuss further.