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Our agile training provides a clear understanding of iterative development and how to apply it. Our courses are taught by scrum masters who are also software developers who have spent their share of time in the trenches. Bringing this understanding to the courses means the scrum masters answer students’ questions using real examples from their own experience.

We are familiar with training large enterprise clients, therefore, the instructors understand the organizational challenges that exist in such environments. Throughout the courses, the instructors can provide strategies to implement agile without causing chaos, and still receive measurable benefits.

Here’s what past participants have said:

  • “I have worked in the past with agile teams but now after more formal training I can see what was missing and why it was not successfully applied.”
  • “The content of the course is very relevant, the instructor has the knowledge…”
  • “…labs gave us a great opportunity to use the new knowledge.”

Below is a list and short description of each of our iterative development courses. You will also find upcoming dates for when the courses will be run. However, many of our courses are provided privately, and in those cases, there is also the option of having them delivered in your own facility. We are willing to conduct private courses for small numbers of participants at client request.

Agile SDLC Boot Camp

This course is offered on the second Tuesday of each month, or as a private offering at your location. It will teach participants the key concepts of Scrum and how to implement these concepts into an existing or future software project. The training will cover common obstacles and how to avoid them.

Agile Project Management

This Agile Project Manager workshop will teach participants the application of project management goals and concepts to projects executing in an Agile manner.

Sprint in Half a Day

Provides knowledge on the mechanics of a sprint, from planning to retrospective.

Product Owner

This course will not only teach students about the role of a Product Owner, but also how that role infuses business priorities, goals, and vision into a development team. (Provided as a private offering.)

Scrum Overview

Provides a complete scrum overview, including the roles and process of conducting an agile scrum project. (Provided as a private offering.)

Crafting Agile (Scrum) User Stories

Provides the knowledge and skills required to develop effective user stories, acceptance tests and map their current requirements process to the agile approach. (Provided as a private offering.)

Agile Adoption for Leaders

Adopting Agile principles and practices in software development organizations will improve time to market, predictability and quality while reducing time to value and cost.  These principles and practices allow organizations to achieve the fastest ROI. This session will provide the attendees with an understanding of how Agile software development delivers on these key business priorities ando explains what is needed at the leadership level to make it successful throughout a SDLC transformation endeavor (Provided as a private offering.)

Certified Scrum Master Certification

Provides two days of Scrum Master  training with certification.

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