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Agile Scrum Training Participant Testimonials

  • “I’ve worked with Agile in the past, but after this training I can see what was missing and why it was not successfully applied”
  • “A lot of interaction with instructor which helped a lot”
  • “The labs were a great asset to learning the material”

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 Agile Scrum Boot Camp Course Description

The Agile Scrum Boot Camp will teach participants the key concepts of Scrum and how to implement these concepts into an existing or future software project. The training will cover common obstacles and how to avoid them, for example, teams reverting back to traditional approaches. This course will also address how to successfully run a sprint at all stages of the process, from planning to retrospective. This course will help participants’ organizations create a high performance Scrum team within a short amount of time.

Our course instructors are Certified ScrumMasters and software architects who have spent their time in the trenches.  For this reason,  the course is able to provide opportunities for questions and shared experiences directly from the instructors experience.  Examples include:

  • Dispelling agile myths and demonstrating how planning and testing are integral to a successful agile Scrum implementation
  • Scaling Scrum teams and facilitating “Scrum of Scrums”
  • Handling problems with co-location
  • Interfacing project management and program management


Course Agenda

Day 1

  • Agile Fundamentals:
    • Agile practices and principles
    • Defining iterative and incremental development
    • Dispelling the Myths
  • Hands-on Exercise
    • Conceptualizing Agile
  • Scrum Fundamentals:
    • Defining Scrum
      • Looking at the rhythm and cadence
    • Scrum roles and responsibilities
      • Who does what
    • Product backlog, Sprint backlog, and user stories
      • Defining the work
      • When is the work done
  • Requirements:
    • Identifying and writing good user stories
    • Evolution of sprint requirements
    • Evolution of project requirements
  • Hands-on Exercise
    • Creating User Stories
    • Dealing with Epics
  • Project Initiation:
    • Getting started
    • Creating initial product backlog
  • Estimation and Prioritization:
    • Agile estimation overview
    • Variations of Agile estimation
    • Prioritization
    • Definition of “done”
    • Release planning
  • Hands-on Exercise
    • Release Planning
      • Just enough

    Day 2

    • Planning a Sprint:
      • Prioritization
      • Sprint goals
      • Estimating size
      • Task identification
    • Hands-on Exercise
      • Grooming User Stories
      • Estimating with Planning Poker
      • Capacity adjustments
      • Deriving duration
    • Running a Sprint:
      • Conducting daily Scrum
      • Managing sprint scope
      • Tracking progress
      • Recognizing problems
    • Hands-on Exercise
      • Simulating a Sprint
      • Creating a Task Board
      • Producing a Burndown Chart
      • Dealing with uncertainty
    • Closing a Sprint:
      • Conducting Sprint Showcase/Demo
      • Conducting Sprint retrospective
      • Reporting project status
      • Updating the backlog
      • Closing the sprint
    • Managing the Product Backlog and Release Plan:
      • Extracting actuals
      • Using Velocity
      • Re-estimating plans
      • Grooming the Backlog

The course delivery models an Agile Scrum project and includes activities that further reinforce agile methodologies and practices.  Daily scrums, demonstrations and retrospectives are integrated regularly in the course activities throughout the 2 days.

            • 2 days, 9:00am – 5:30pm

IBM Innovation Centre
120 Bloor Street East
Toronto, Ontario

Or offered as a private course at your location.



Private offering is $6500 for up to 12

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