Crafting Agile Scrum User Stories

Course Description

This 2 day course will provide participants with the knowledge and skills required to develop effective user stories, acceptance tests and map their current requirements process to the agile approach.

User stories are the most common means of representing requirements for Agile Scrum projects and are written from the perspective of the system user or purchaser.  Acceptance tests are written to clarify and verify the behaviour of user stories.

This course is for those who have a fundamental understanding and experience with Agile or Iterative development and the Scrum approach. Our Agile SDLC Boot Camp Toronto / Ottawa is a perfect pre-requisite if needed.


Day One
  • Introduction: User stories vs/and from requirements, User stories as a way to elicit requirements
  • User Roles and Personas: Characteristics of an effective user representative, What to avoid
  • Crafting User Stories: Including who, what and why, The importance of the “benefit to the user” in the story, The 3 C’s process. 7 principles of an effective user story
  • Product Backlog Content: Epic stories, User stories, Business rules, Usability, Reliability, Performance, Supportability (BURPS), Non-functional stories and defects
  • Evolution of User Stories: Getting started with epics, Splitting epics into stories
Day Two
  • Non-functional Requirements: Identifying them as scenario based acceptance criteria or on the product backlog
  • Acceptance Tests: Making sure nothing is broken and acceptance criteria is met, Why automation is necessary
  • Business Rules: Embedding them in the user story,  Avoiding the cowboy approach, Documenting design decisions
  • Gathering Agile Requirements: Lightweight techniques to eliminate waste and maximize productivity
  • User Story Cadence: When we gather them, When we prioritize, When we size, When we implement, When we test, When we close,  Contrast with Waterfall


  • 2 days. 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m


Toronto Board of Trade, 3rd Floor
1 First Canadian Place
Toronto, Ontario

*There is also the option of having this course provided in your own facility.


This is a privately held course based on client demand. For more information, please contact  John 416-505-4756, or via email at


$ 4,500 for a maximum of eight people.

Questions or Comments

For more information, please contact John Munro 416-505-4756, or via email at If you would like to see this course delivered as a public offering, or have it taught in Markham or Mississauga, let us know; we have facilities in both cities. We are always interested in feedback, and comments are checked daily.