Developing Agile (Scrum) Requirements with User Stories

Course Description

This course is intended for business analysts, users, product managers, developers, and testers who are responsible for gathering and documenting requirements using agile methods. This course focuses on user stories, which are the most common means of representing requirements for agile scrum projects. An agile user story describes system functionality that is valuable to a system user or purchaser, and acceptance tests are written to clarify and verify the behaviour of user stories. With knowledge gained from this course, participants will be able to write effective user stories and acceptance tests, as well as map their existing requirement processes according to an agile approach.

Course Agenda

  • Day One
    • Scrum overview.
    • Identifying and describing user roles and personas.
    • Writing and evaluating user stories.
    • Identifying and documenting non-functional requirements and business rules.
    • Managing changes to agile requirements.
  • Day Two
    • Characteristics of an effective user representative.
    • Lightweight techniques for iterative requirements gathering.
    • Conducting story writing workshops using low-fidelity prototypes.
    • Writing acceptance tests for user stories.
    • Prioritizing and estimating user stories for iterations and releases.


This two-day course is held from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m., with three 10 minute breaks, and a one hour lunch period. Note: Students will be provided with lunch.


Toronto Board of Trade, 3rd Floor
1 First Canadian Place
Toronto, Ontario

*There is also the option of having this course provided in your own facility.


This is a privately held course based on client demand. For more information, please contact John Munro at 416-505-4756, or at


$ 4,500 for a maximum of eight people.

Questions or Comments

For more information, please contact John Munro at 416 505-4756, If you would like to see this course delivered as a public offering, or have it taught in Markham or Mississauga, let us know; we have facilities in both cities. We are always interested in feedback, and comments are checked daily.