What is Agile Leaders Training Course

Course Description

What is Agile, Adopting Agile principles and practices in software development organizations will improve time to market, predictability and quality while reducing time to value and cost.  These principles and practices allow organizations to achieve the fastest ROI.

The 4 hour session will provide the attendees with an understanding of how Agile software development delivers on these key business priorities. It also explains what is needed at the leadership level to make it successful throughout a SDLC transformation endeavor.

Session Outline

Introduction to Agile Principles and Practices

  • Agile Software Development Principles
  • Agile Project Management Principles
  • Agile Myth Busting
  • Agile Practices
    • Scrum, XP, DAD, Kanban, others

Implications and Benefits of Agile Adoption

  • Meeting Governance requirements
  • Critical Success Factors
  • Metrics
  • Managing the Business Case
    • The Earned Value Dilemma
      • Value vs. ROI
      • Incremental Measurement of ROI
    • Confirming the project is meeting minimum requirements for the business case
      • Plan to the target ROI
      • Measure to the minimum ROI

5 Common Decision Points in Software Projects

  • Funding
  • Business Solution: Scope, make vs. buy
  • Technical Solution: Architecture, risk mitigated
  • Candidate Release: Full system, ready for users
  • Deployment: Generally Available system, deployment activities completed

Agile Transformation Road Map

  • Pilot
  • Early Adopters
  • Staged organizational rollout

4 hours – scheduled based on participant availability


Toronto Board of Trade, 3rd Floor
1 First Canadian Place
Toronto, Ontario

*There is also the option of having this delivered in your own facility.


Please contact John Munro at 416-505-4756, or at jmunro@webfinancialsolutions.com


$600 per person