Product Owner Workshop

Course Description

This course is based on the role of a Scrum Product Owner, which is one of the most difficult leadership roles in an Agile project. This course assumes participants have some basic understanding of agile. If not, we recommend our Agile SDLC Boot Camp Toronto / Ottawa as a pre-requisite.

This one day course will give participants the knowledge and skills needed to be an effective Product Owner, by approaching a system under development as a holistic product, rather than a series of disparate projects. This course will not only teach students about the role of a Product Owner, but also how that role infuses business priorities, goals, and vision into a development team.

Course Agenda

  • Agile Basics: Reasons for agile software development; Differences of agile projects, Differing views of software development
  • Agile Roles: The Scrum Master, The Team, The Product Owner, Contrast with the roles of  Product Manager, Development Manager and Business Analyst
  • Inception: Scoping and planning with the assigned values from the stakeholders, Establishing and communicating the project vision
  • The Product Backlog: Building the product backlog, Lightweight techniques for capturing user stories
  • Product Backlog Prioritization:  The 5 principles of prioritization, Handling changing priorities
  • Working Software: Defining “done” with  acceptance criteria
  • Sprint Planning: Working and negotiating with the self-directed team, Keeping an eye on the finish line, Handling typical challenges
  • Sprint Execution: Grooming the product backlog, Maintaining visibility into progress, Anticipating challenges and addressing them
  • Changes to the Sprint Backlog: Adding functionality, Removing functionality, Terminating a sprint, Handling change requests within a sprint
  • The Demonstration and Retrospective: Accepting the work as “done”, Rejecting the work and supporting the team to address it
  • Closing a Sprint: Reporting progress to the customer
  • Closing a project: Identifying when the project is done, Ending a project before the backlog is complete


This full-day course is held from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m., with three 10 minute breaks, and a 30 minute lunch period.


$ 2,500 for a maximum of eight people.


Toronto Board of Trade, 3rd Floor
1 First Canadian Place
Toronto, Ontario

*There is also the option of having this course taught in your own facility.


For information on when the session will be held, please contact John Munro at 416-505-4756, or


Questions or Comments

For more information, please contact John Munro at 416 505-4756, If you would like to see this course delivered as a public offering, or have it taught in Markham or Mississauga, let us know; we have facilities in both cities. We are always interested in feedback, and comments are checked daily.