Agile (Scrum) Release Planning Workshop

What is Agile Release Planning

A Release Plan represents how much scope a team can complete by the release deadline.  An Agile release plan is completed by assigning high value or high risk stories to iterations. A story is defined as a piece of a product the delivers some useful and valuable function.  Release Planning focuses on the business value of features – the focus increases a project’s ROI.

Project risk is also a consideration of release planning; it maybe necessary to complete higher risk items earlier to mitigate long-term project risk.

Often the Users approach software delivery from a ‘Waterfall’ perspective and request that all features be delivered at one time.   Agile delivers the highest value early to increase product acceptance and ensure project ROI.

Who is involved in the Agile Release Planning Workshop?

Release Planning is a collaborative effort and includes the project team, development team and executives.  The purpose of the Release Planning workshop is to mentor the ‘whole team’ through the release cycle.

Duration of Agile Release Planning workshop

At the end of the first day, a rough Release Plan should be completed. Incremental improvement will occur over the course of the following sessions/days.

What is delivered from the Release Planning Workshop

• Preliminary Release Plan
• Estimate of which stories will be delivered by the release date
• Team velocity estimate
• Estimated business value of the release
• Identification of a project’s high-risk items, and determination of which release they should be assigned
• ROI Calculation – the Release should delivery enough value to pay for its effort

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