Sprint in Half a Day

Course Description

This course is for those considering starting an agile project, anyone beginning to improve their software development cycle or those who are in the midst of an agile project and have questions about the process and mechanics.

This 4 hour course will provide the participants with the knowledge and skills required to actively participate in a full sprint cycle from planning to retrospective.

The course instructor is a Certified Scrum Master and software architect.

The course includes a large hands-on lab component.  The participants use a realistic software development scenario as the basis for the required criteria throughout the lab activities.

Course Outline
 Agile Fundamentals

Describe agile software development and the scrum approach including project teams roles and creating a product backlog with user stories

Sprint Planning & Execution

Use a realistic software development project case study to participate in a sprint including:

  • Sprint planning to estimate user story size, team velocity, sprint goals to define done and the work to complete to get there
  • Setting up and maintaining a scrum board
  • Daily stand up meetings, and demonstration and retrospective meetings
Wrap Up
  • Describe sprint close-out documentation
  • Discuss FAQ’s, making the process your own and key practices

Private Offering


$200 per person.

Questions or Comments

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