Agile White Papers

Web Financial Solutions (WFS) has been in software development for a number of years and has worked with some great Canadian companies. Attached are four white papers which capture the most talked about topics we hear. Each paper provides excellent content to help Executives answer questions on Agile software delivery. The papers are worthwhile reading if you want to better understand what all the ‘buzz’ is about Agile.

These papers are different from many you will see on the Internet from one key perspective: They deal with Enterprise Agile software development processes, and offer answers to questions such as “Is Agile a ‘Cowboy’ approach to software development?” and “How the Agile Manifesto fits into Enterprise software development?”

Another challenge addressed is the management of larger-scale projects. It’s easy to create a small, sharp team of fewer than eight of the best people at the same location, but what if the project is large-scale and distributed over multiple locations?


Scaling Agile: An Executive Guide
Reducing Software Development Costs
Agile Enterprise Adoption Improves ROI
Scaling Agile for Large Software Teams