Agile enterprise adoption improves ROI

This 16-page white paper does a good job of discussing the use of Agile software development practices that are employed to transform an enterprise from a Waterfall process to an Agile process.

As a Software Development Process Improvement company, we are frequently asked about the risks of this transformation.  Implementing software change too aggressively and the overall project risk is increased.  That risk could result in a negative ROI and possibly lead to project failure or stakeholder dissatisfaction.

This white paper discusses using independent ‘practices’ which can implemented in a standalone manor and adopted incrementally.  At the end of the paper, the author discusses how to measure the adoption of these practices to verify ROI.  The author also discusses how to measure the improvement during the transformation process so course corrections can be made to reduce risk.

Incremental practice adoption reduces risk and increases ROI.  The advantages of using that are explored include:

  • Practice adoption can be measured
  • Practices can be independently and incrementally adopted
  • Practices map to key pain points
  • Practices represent a useful unit of knowledge
  • Practices are building blocks for processes
  • Practices published for ease of use can provide one-stop access
  • Practices map organizational business objectives




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