Scaling Agile: An executive guide

If you have been thinking about moving your IT department to a more Agile approach, this 22-page white paper will provide some valuable information on how to start and what to expect.  Applying Agile on one or two small pilot projects can be relatively straightforward, but involving the entire organization can create some challenges. This white paper helps us understand what to expect from that transition and what the benefits are likely to be.

This Agile white paper covers

  • A business definition of ‘Agile’
  • A quick guide to determine how Agile your team is
  • How does Agile fit into a full Software Development Life Cycle
  • How to manage the five strategic categories for successful transition: People, Principles,  Practices, Process and Products
  • Why ad-hoc is often confused for Agile and how it eventually leads to failure
  • Why an Agile approach leads a team to success
  • Why Agile contributes to a higher quality rating, faster deliver, lower cost and more repeatable deliver times
  • Why Agile leads to increased Stakeholder satisfaction
  • What is ‘Core’ Agile and how this this concept used in transitioning an organization
  • What to do if your teams are not located at the same site
  • An overview of various Agile approaches including Scrum, Lean, Extreme Programing (XP) and how they fit into a SDLC


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