Five SDLC Practices for Success

Web Financial Solutions (WFS) has been in the software development business for over 15 years.  Some of our staff were certified in Java in 1999 and introduced to Iterative development in the early 1990s.  From that experience we can safely say that if your organization incorporates the following Five Practices into your Software Development Life Cycle your organization’s ability to create software will improve significantly.

The five practices are:
1.    Align Software Development Life Cycle practices with business priorities.
2.    Have a clear understanding what Iterative Development means – and apply it.
3.    Collaborate by working as a cross-functional team that includes testers, DBA, BAs, Architects.
4.    Construct and maintain a prioritized backlog of work.
5.    Implement a Continuous Integration Server with automated regression testing.

These five practices will reduce costs, improve quality, speed up time to market and enable more predictable delivery times.  They are simple concepts, yet are not necessarily easy to implement.

Our purpose as a Software Development Life Cycle process improvement company is to guide, train and coach organizations through these activities.  The clients that focus on ‘embedding’ a professional process in their organizations will significantly reduce their level of frustration.