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Agile Scrum Training Online

This introductory Agile Scrum training online is delivered on-demand, using a series of real client examples to teach and demonstrate the practical application and success of the concepts.  The real client stories are shared by our Agile Scrum instructors who have experienced the situations first hand.   There are also a variety of additional  materials provided to help you learn. Case studies, excerpts from recommended Agile Scrum reading, blogs, animated presentations, visual diagrams developed by our Scrum trainers and regular interactive quizzes to confirm your understanding are also included.  As a participant in this Agile Scrum training online you will have access to one of our Agile Scrum instructors to answer your questions.

This is what clients have to say about our training…

This Agile Scrum training online will answer the most FAQ’s.

  • How Agile Fixes Your Current Problems with Software Development 
  • What is Agile?
  • What is Scrum?
    • What About Planning? Scrum Rhythm and Cadence
    • What are the Roles and Responsibilities?
    • What About the Role of the Project Manager?
  • How Can You Make Agile Scrum Work if Your Team is Dispersed?
  • How Do You Determine if Agile Scrum is a Good Fit for Your Project and Organization?
Course Outline
Agile Fundamentals:
  • Agile practices and principles
  • Defining iterative and incremental development
  • Why breaking large project into a series of smaller projects reduce risk and increases throughput
  • Dispelling the Myths that Agile has no planning, lacks metrics and is difficult to manage
Scrum Fundamentals:
  • Defining Scrum
  • Looking at the rhythm, cadence and what drives accountability
  • Scrum roles and responsibilities
  • Defining the terms an give examples of the Product backlog, Sprint backlog, and User Stories
    • Breaking large units of work down to small pieces
    • Defining when that work ‘ done’

Duration:2 hours.  Completed at your own pace during times convenient for you. Start and stop when you want and then pick up where you left off.

Audience: This Agile training online is for anyone who wants to learn the fundamentals of Agile and Scrum, those researching Agile and Scrum for their project or organization, individuals who want to increase their knowledge or refresh their understanding.

Cost: Register now and be the first to experience the training available Jan 6, 2014 for $99!   Register on or after general availability of January 6, 2014 for $179.

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