Software Project Management

WFS Software Project Management Service

Software Project Management Services are now being offered as part of our software development process improvement services to reduce software project risk.  WFS began operations in 2001 by providing deep technically skilled software architectural consulting services and software development process improvement services to banks, insurance companies, government and retailers.

In 2010 WFS became a Project Management Institute Registered Education Provider (PMI R.E.P) and started developing and delivering course material for software project managers and technical software delivery teams. WFS has delivered software development process improvement training to over 60 organizations and 700 people in both Canada and the US. Additionally, WFS provides mentoring/coaching services which accelerates adoption of these new techniques.

WFS has the greatest impact on reducing frustration and risk of software projects by acting as the Software Project Manager. 

We Reduce Risks in Software Projects

Here are some of the challenges and issues that we address:

  • Lack of clear, well communicated priorities
    From our experience Senior Management and/or teams are not aligned on the priorities of most projects. This might seem like a surprise but preview our past Business Assessments for examples of what we see over and over.  Lack of clear, well communicated priorities from management to team’s causes mixed messages which results in friction (risk) and ultimately extra cost.
  • Metrics are vague, subjective and hide the leading indicators of risk
    Yes, GANTT Charts and long detailed project plans do not convey the whole story and are not protecting you against budget over runs. We highlight relevant metrics and risk indicators.
  • Lack of Collaboration across business functional areas
    This leads to increase frustration, cost and risk.  We will teach and mentor your team on a collaborative process based on Agile /Scrum and mentor your team on how to implement it.
  • Software Project Managers lack technical expertise
    Without technical knowledge, large pieces of functionality cannot be broken down to smaller, lower risk work items. We provide technical depth, leadership  and guidance to the development teams to mitigate risks.

How we approach Software Project Management

By applying Agile/Scrum Principles in varying degrees, based on the culture of the organizations, we reduce traditional project risks. The end result is a 30%  performance improvement (Indigo Books and Music) to a 40% speed improvement (3M Canada).

Our Software Project Management service offering was created after years of practical experience consulting with clients and improving their software development process as well as providing architectural support for custom and packaged software deployment.

This service offering is targeted at packaged or custom software projects that are expected to take longer than one year and have between 12 to 100 people involved.  (We also offer training and coaching for smaller projects).

What you get with a WFS Software Project Manager

A WFS Software Project Manager will:

  • Design a Software Project Delivery Plan
    The manager will take into consideration business priorities, technical capabilities, governance and reporting and develop a plan specific to your organization and your project.  The goal is to get everyone on the same page of how the project will be executed.
  • Lead and facilitate Stakeholders meetings
    The manager will establish project metrics that are practical, have high visibility and create an early warning system to clearly show project status. Risks will be evident and controlled as soon as possible.
  • Provide project planning skills to establish estimates of total costs, ROI metrics, resourcing and team formation.
  • Facilitate customized software project delivery training
    The curriculum will be based on your specific project scenarios and will focus on ‘what it means to be a member of this team’ so we all speak the same language.
  • Measure team performance
    The manager will utilize the Kirkpatrick Model level 3 and 4 evaluation to measure team member’s adoption and the business results realized in your project.
  • Further optimize the team(s)
    As the team(s) become more comfortable with the software delivery process, the manager will organize the team(s) to increase speed and improve quality.
  • Establish reporting to Senior Management and Team Members.
    Reporting will include variance to plan, blocking items that are generating risk and scope creep. (show project status at a glance)
  • Provide technical leadership
    The manager will implement automation techniques to reduce the manual effort of your teams and management and to improve quality. The manager will also provide guidance on how to break large work items down to smaller less risky pieces of functionality.

Customer’s who use the WFS approach to Software Project Management start sooner, spend less, get value to their clients faster and deliver a higher quality product.

Credentials of a WFS Software Project Manager

  • PMP Member
  • PMI – ACP Certification
  • ScrumMaster Certification
  • 10 years of experience as a Project Manager or equivalent
  • Financial Reporting Background
  • Software Solution Architect
  • Consulting background in software development process improvement.

Project Manager Rates – $185/hr + travel expenses.

The first step of this service is a design phase where a WFS Software Project Manager designs a Software Project Delivery Plan that is customized for your particular constraints and goals.

We believe that the software development process and software project management are highly specialized skills.

If you would like to discuss how we have combined these skills into a single offering to ensure project success feel free to contact John Munro at 416 505-4756 or email