Lean Coffee Agile SDLC Community

WFS believes that software projects can and should be successful more often.  The WFS Agile Lean Coffee Community is the place to collaborate on how to make it happen.

Our community meets virtually, each week on Friday between 10:00am-11:00am EST. You are free to attend the meetings any time you are available.  We just ask that you register  so we can send you the virtual meeting details, and plan accordingly for the number of members who will be in attendance.

The “Lean Coffee” format is sure to make these meetings engaging and relevant.

If you Join the community  you will also  receive communications  (monthly at the most), where we will share community announcements and topics that were discussed  during past meetings.

Lean Coffee” Agile Development SDLC Community Meetings

Have you attended a meeting or seminar and thought to yourself, “this is not important to me”?

The WFS weekly Lean Coffee Agile SDLC events will allow you the opportunity to be part of creating and prioritizing the agenda to ensure your objectives are met.

Our Virtual Lean Coffee Agile Development SDLC sessions will eliminate waste and make the most effective use of your time.

Lead by the WFS Agile Coaches, who are also software architects and software project managers, these community meetings will be a great opportunity to learn and collaborate on all things software development process improvement (SDLC).

How does our Lean Coffee meeting work?

  1. Participants suggest agenda topics
  2. A vote is taken to prioritize the topics suggested
  3. The topic with the most votes is selected as the first agenda item to be discussed
  4. Interest of the group is monitored via a live broadcasted poll
  5. If / when there are more people who have lost interest than there are people who remain interested, the next priority topic is discussed
  6. And so on, until our 1 hour is used
  7. Agenda items will remain on the topic backlog for the next meeting, new suggestions will be added and the backlog will be re-prioritized

Join the community and meet us for a Lean Coffee break!

Where: Virtual event –  Event link to be provided upon registration
When: Every Friday from 10:00am – 11:00am EST.