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Agile Project Management Toronto If there is anything you do not understand about Agile project management, Toronto, just give us a call and ask. We are WEB Financial Solutions and we work with a range of first class enterprises including 3M, US Federal Reserve Bank, the Hudson Bay Company, IBM and TD Canada Trust.

Agile project management Toronto is not so very different from what you already understand about software development. The activities involved are more or less the same. The basic difference is in the way the team and project are organized. Instead of facing one enormous project, Agile project management Toronto essentially breaks a major development project up into a series of small ones. Developing a software project in this manner can take a twelve month project and organize it into four three-week projects or three four-week projects. In either case, each project portion or iteration, leads to a facilitation of prioritized software deliver every or four weeks. Do you now see how this would be advantageous to your software development business?

Agile project management Toronto refers to several incremental software development methods. The most popular agile methodologies include XP or Extreme Programming, Crystal, Scrum, DSDM or Dynamic Systems Development Method, Lean Development, and FDD or Feature-Driven Development. While each of the Agile management methods is unique in its particular approach, they all share a common vision: to fundamentally incorporate iteration along with continuous feedback as the software is refined and delivered. Each Agile project management Toronto involves continuous planning, continuous testing, continuous integration and continuous evolution of both the project and the software. Since the introduction of Agile methodologies, they have continuously delivered higher quality software systems in less time than traditional processes. If you are a development professional, you owe it to yourself to become familiar with the theory and practice of Agile project management Toronto. Agile Project Management Toronto
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