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Agile Training Toronto What can Agile training Toronto do for your business enterprise? You might be surprised. First, we assess your business priorities. After that, we review the current SDLC and offer mentoring, advice and recommendations. To understand more about what we do, please call WEB Financial Solutions at 416.505.4756

When several well organized scrum teams work on the same project and those teams have undergone extensive Agile training, Toronto software development is streamlined. An Agile team headed by an Agile project manager can make decisions that would otherwise be made by a manager in the enterprise itself. Because of the limited size of Agile development teams, generally no more than five to nine people, Agile projects can have multiple teams on one project simultaneously. Self-management and size-limiting mean Agile training Toronto provides unique customization opportunities, as far as structures and work environments are concerned. By incorporating continuous integration and daily or nightly testing into the software development process, the development team is able to address issues while they're still fresh.

Taking advantage of automated Agile testing tools allows a team or teams to develop during the day, test during overnight hours, and fix bugs in the morning. Effort, time and anticipated costs can be recalculated on a regular basis, as the Agile development team learns more about the project at hand. Want to take a proactive approach to quality while preventing product problems? Call WEB Financial Solutions and ask to speak with someone about Agile training. When overseen by a skilled Agile project manager, Toronto software development projects can take weeks to conclude, instead of months. Agile methodologies continuously deliver higher quality software systems in less time than traditional processes. If you're up for saving time, effort and money, it's truly worth checking into Agile training. Toronto enterprises are invited to dial 416.505.4756 Agile Training Toronto
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