WFS Collaborative Software Delivery Seminar


Business stakeholders are frustrated with Information Technology (IT) Projects.  IT projects take too long to deliver business value, project status is ambiguous and IT projects cost too much.

To complicate matters, IT Projects tend to be viewed as a ‘Black Box’ which makes managing the conversations with IT stakeholders particularly difficult.  It’s not because the people involved don’t want good outcomes, but rather because the delivery processes lack key elements to improve collaboration and increase stakeholder ownership.

Fixing these issues can have a tremendous impact on project velocity. This ultimately results in getting business value delivered quicker and has a positive impact on profitability.

This seminar will teach business stakeholders the WFS Collaborative Software Delivery Framework.  The framework is grounded on Agile software development principles, and focuses on the highest business priorities and how to deliver value continuously.  Stakeholders will also learn how the WFS Collaborative Software Delivery Framework helps establish metrics for transparency and increase team accountability while continuing to develop a strong team environment.

Using the WFS Collaborative Software Delivery Framework will result in starting projects sooner, delivering business value earlier and reduced project cost.


Align Delivery to Business Goals

  • 5 Business Dimensions: Cost, quality, time to market, business value delivered, predictability
  • Five questions to ask to determine the business priority

Implement Techniques to Facilitate Collaboration and Remove the Mystery of IT Estimates

  • Facilitate the communication of the complexity of both business issues and IT issues to bring both parties to consensus
  • Promote teamwork team building
  • Reducing hand offs and waste
  • Communicate a clear path for IT with acceptance criteria based on changing business requirements

Maintain a Prioritized List So Business Value is Always Being Delivered Based on Expected ROI

  • Mechanisms to adapt to changing business needs
  • Prioritizing the highest value items to be delivered first
  • Process to continually grooms your work effort so you are always delivering the highest value based on changing business needs
  • ROI calculators

Implement Metrics to Measure the Right Things and Ensure the Results Expected

  • Overall project status (cost)
  • Daily transparency into project status
  • Measure value delivered

Implement Key Technical Practices

  • Test Driven Development (TDD)
  • Automated Testing
  • Continuous Integration
  • Pair Programming
  • Performance Testing


  • Business Stakeholders
  • Person(s) accountable for delivering value to the business
    • Has the vision of what the application should do
    • Has the vision of the scope of the project
  • Person(s) with the financial responsibility of the project
    • Project Managers
    • Program Managers
    • Product Managers
    • LOB Executives
  • Senior Leaders
    • CEO’s, CFO’s, VP Operation, President, COO, VP Sales


4 Hours


Experience with business critical IT projects.


$750.00 for up to 6


Private on-site boardroom or virtual boardroom.

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