WFS is a PMI Registered Education Provider (R.E.P.)

What Does it Mean to be a PMI R.E.P.?

There are thousands of training organizations that offer courses related to project management.  Although many of them deliver a high-quality educational experience, the majority have not been independently assessed against global standards for both project management and continuing education and training.

  • Demonstrated alignment with PMI, the world’s leading, standard-setting project management association
  • Pre-approved by PMI to offer PDUs. Credential holder PDU claims are automatically expedited for processing
  • Qualifications are verified before acceptance and every three years thereafter though PMI’s quality review process
  • Every course registered with PMI must be reviewed by an appropriate and valid PMI credential holder
  • Verified focus on the learning outcomes
  • Instructors must be current in learning methods and must continuously enhance their skills
  • Courses must be current and aligned to the latest PMI global standards
  • Verified mechanism in place for students to provide feedback on courses to the organization and PMI
  • Demonstrated continuous improvement of courses based on student feedback
  • Continuous quality improvement process and procedures demonstrated throughout the organization
  • Actively involved in PMI’s network and keeps informed of the upcoming changes to PMI’s assets and procedures

PMI’s recent survey of training providers shows that over 80% of organizations seeking suppliers of project management training strongly prefer working with an R.E.P.

Organizations and individuals seeking project management training view R.E.P.s’ affiliation with PMI as a stamp of quality and excellence.  Why not protect your investment in project management training by using a PMI R.E.P. to deliver quality training?

WFS Registered Courses

Agile SDLC Boot Camp (Ottawa) – 14 PDUs

Agile SDLC Boot Camp (Toronto) – 14 PDUs