Who We Are

Web Financial Solutions (WFS) was established in 2001 and provided services in software architectural design and development.  WFS would be described as a Design and Development company.  Over those years we have helped large financial services firms build new custom applications. Over the same period of time, we have seen firms try to find ways to reduce costs of software development with basic business approaches like reducing labour costs or silver-bullet promises from software vendors.

What we discovered is that those approaches by themselves do not work.  We have found that clients that embraced true iterative development approaches reduced their cost significantly, provided better visibly into the development cycle and ended up with better software at a lower cost.  In late 2010, we added a new focus to the company: Software Development Process Improvement, which is designed to help clients transition from outdated technical-focused methodologies to business and technical collaborative methodologies.  It’s an approach that is driven by measurable business and technical metrics.Historically, software projects only have an 11 percent success rate.  WFS has simplified the Software Development Life Cycle processes to greatly improve those odds.


Mentor & Trainer, Object Oriented Modelling / Java / Web Services

Agile ModelingRod has been involved with system integration using Enterprise technologies for over 20 years. He has helped large financial services firms integrate systems to reduce re-keying of data and to streamline business processes. Much of his past experience has involved the use of advanced Internet-based technology to make legacy systems communicate with each other and other systems to extend business logic – which greatly helps to reduce the processing time and cycle time of business transactions. Rod is also a great leader and mentor, as evidenced by the fact that he not only designed and implemented the first Web Services interface for the Bank of Nova Scotia, he also trained their IT staff on the best and most-productive approach to implementing the new technology while making it understandable to the business leaders.

Advanced IBM Java Architect

Software Consulting Toronto  Mark has over 18 years of IT experience, primarily developing integration solutions for enterprise environments. He is a technical leader and has been involved in leading teams of technical staff to help them increase their knowledge while developing integration solutions. Mark is an accomplished Object Oriented Modelling methodology expert and is also a strong believer in iterative development, which results in lower risk and an increased return on investment. Mark has built business solutions for financial services institutions as well as insurance institutions looking to upgrade their life insurance, property insurance and casualty insurance business systems.

Sales and Marketing

John has worked as a technical sales and business development resource for the past 22 years.  John’s role is to work with clients to help them create a business-focused software development process with the use of key iterative approaches.  Over the years John has seen many clients succeed with the help of services from Web Financial Solutions.  John’s past work experience includes Perficient Canada (co-founder in Canada), Cisco, Digital Equipment and Xerox.